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Strategy Sessions for Small Business

We work in the business of innovation – creating new products, services, and experiences to solve the challenges of our clients. In this moment of crisis, we thought we must do the same for small businesses in need.

So, we’ve launched the Innovator’s Response, with the aim to provide a set of resources for small businesses impacted by the crisis. We are volunteering one-hour strategy sessions to any small business impacted by this crisis, to discuss temporary changes to keep the doors open and employees earning a living.

Illustrations by Yael Hendel.

Response from Small Business Owners

“The ideas are actionable and very useful. The call also helped rekindle the fire I have for the brand. I'm really excited about the next steps and I can't wait to take action.”

Olamide Danso, Abena-Danso Nig Fashion based in Lagos, Nigeria

“It’s like therapy for small businesses.”

Nancy Traversy, Founder and CEO of Barefoot Books

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